Small Groups

For adults who want to grow deeper in their faith through fellowship, study, & prayer.  Groups are offered 3 times per year (Fall, Spring, Summer) for 6 to 10 week periods.  

Our Spring Small Groups will be Starting the Week of March 12th.  The Small Groups Offered are listed below, with pertinent information:  

Men’s Small Group

When: Monday Evenings: 6:30 to 8:00;  From 3/13 to 4/24 (6 weeks)

Where: Frewsburg Alliance Church

What: “You Make Me Crazy” by Rick Warren. 
Description: We all have relationships that drive us crazy.  This 6-week video study will help bring sanity to your relationships so you can do more than just coexists.  Learn how to connect with the crazy-makers in your life. 

Check out the trailer at this link:


Circle-Maker Small Group

When: Tuesday Evenings: 6 to 7:30;  From 3/14 to 5/16 (8 weeks)

Where: Frewsburg Alliance Church

What: The Circle Maker

Description: God honors bold prayers because bold prayers honor God.  This 8-week Bible Study & video curriculum helps participants understand what it means to dream God-sized dreams, pray with boldness, and think long-term.  We need persistence in prayer, to draw a circle around our requests, and not give up until we receive an answer.   

Check out the trailer at this link: